Journey to the Fantasies world

 What an unknow place our imagination is?! Sometimes it draws such fascinating pictures which you will never meet in your ordinary life. There are easily born fantasies and dreams, but they are all instantaneous and intangible.


On New Year we found ourselves in the fantasies world with truly breathtaking show full of surprises and special effects! Spectacular, exhilarating imagination circus, acrobatic and dance performances from the best artists have been thought up especially for our guests.


Stylish thematic setting and fascinating show was pleasant to those who wished to have a rest from his or her routine everyday life and to immerse oneself into a fairy tale.


At the party, the guests visited another reality: unknown, alluring and breathtaking. 


Exclusive entertainment show program has treated not only to children, but also to adults, a sense of real celebration and allowed, as it was in childhood, to believe in the New Year’s miracle!