• Melana Askerova

10 Fresh ideas in wedding decor 2020

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

1. Color 🌈 Nude and pastel color shades for some time has replaced the bright colors in the wedding decor, but now fresh and living combinations are again in trend! Both couples and decorators miss the rich colors, so we will see a lot of bright weddings in 2019-2020☀️

2. Tall candles 🕯 Candles are a permanent element of wedding decor. In the new season, pay attention to the high thin candles, they can be found in a variety of tone shades to complement or, conversely, highlight the central compositions✨ ⠀ 3. Food as a piece of art🎨 Table setting and serving dishes, a variety of food stations - from the sweet buffet to the uniquely designed snacks, lemonade bar and food trucks-all this becomes part of the wedding decoration along with floral arrangements and decorative installations🍸🍭 ⠀ 4. Pampas grass🌿 The trend for Bohemian style has introduced us to pampas grass, which looks harmonious in any decor. It is used in bouquets, table decorations, ceremony decoration💐 ⠀ 5. Circle instead of traditional arch💫 Circle-a symbol of infinity and unity-is increasingly becoming a "new arch" for the newlyweds. There are a lot of variants of it – made out of fresh flowers, green garlands, vines, pampas grass, with decor bulbs! 🌸 ⠀ 6. Organic glass ⚪️ Transparent plexiglass surface is perfect for the plan or Seating cards, you can also add transparent chairs, stands and decorative constructions🙌🏻 ⠀ 7. Cake decor without flowers 🍰 Interesting textures, colors, art painting, fruits and berries, crystals and an geometry accents — see how a wedding cake can be beautiful without flowers!🍓 ⠀ 8. Metal⚡️ The generalal trend to use more natural materials in wedding decoration has made popular metal decor details that are no longer limited to loft style or urban💥 ⠀ 9. Black accents⚫️ Black color has long ceased to be "non-wedding". The main thing — to be able to place the accents correctly in the decor so that severity and laconism, proper for black, turned into a decoration of your celebration🖤 ⠀

10. Suspension string of greenery🌱 Light, fresh garlands of living greenery create a feeling of weightless decor, as if they are floating in the air. Ceremony area, Seating plan, tables and photo zone — they can easily replace the classic floral design and harmoniously become integrated with any stylistic and concept🍃🌿

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