• Melana Askerova

10 things guests will say "thank you" for🙏🏻

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

1. Precise timing of the day⏱ The more clearly the timing of the wedding will be observed, the more comfortable it will be not only for you and the groom, but also for all guests. ⠀ 2. Compliments💁🏻‍♀️ ⠀ Compliments for guests - a way to say "thank you" to family and friends that they were next to you on your wedding day. And let your "thank you" be sincere! ⠀ 3. A circumspect Seating plan🍽 ⠀ Believe us, there's nothing worse than spending an evening at the same table with strangers. Of course, weddings are conducive to new acquaintances, but at first the atmosphere will definitely be tense. ⠀ 4. Favorite music🎼 ⠀ Favorite music of the guests will help them to loosen up and do not hesitate to dance red blooded on the dance floor, charging the holiday with positive energy! ⠀ 5. Dress code👗👔 ⠀ Wishes for the dress code specified in the invitations - it's not only about the beautiful picture of the wedding, but also about the guests. Indicate the color scheme, in which they will be able to choose the shade that suits them best. ⠀ 6. Professional coordinator👩🏻‍💼 ⠀ On the wedding day there will be so much worries — and it is better to entrust them to the pros! It is unlikely that guests will be happy that the bride will spend the whole day behind the scenes, solving urgent issues with contractors. ⠀ 7. Plan "B" in case of bad weather🌧 ⠀ Universal option: buy the same umbrellas, which will not only save the hair of your girlfriends, but also create an aesthetic picture in the photo. Another important element of the wedding in the open air — warm blankets / capes. ⠀ 8. Wish book 📖 ⠀ To fill the wish book it will be necessary to get a table, chairs, colored markers. The book itself can be decorated in a variety of ways: from a beautiful notebook in the style of scrapbooking, to a poster, globe or even bottles with messages that you will open on 1/5/10 anniversary. ⠀ 9. Wish list📋 ⠀ Post it on the website of your wedding day or in a closed group in social networks, so that the guests can tick online, what gifts have already been bought. ⠀

10. Photos and videos from the wedding📸🎥 You're not the only one looking forward to the wedding photos! Please guests and share photos of the festive evening with them.

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