• Melana Askerova

5 advantages of collaboration with WEDO event agency

1. Experience

WEDO event agency is an expert in the event services market. The most highlighting advantage of the agency is professionalism and exclusivity. Clients have a wide range of opportunities to request the agency to organize diverse types of celebrations and events of different size and formats: from small presentations up to the mass outdoor events and unique parties. Moreover, WEDO organizes everything on a turnkey basis, because it is more convenient to cooperate with one company instead of several contractors.

2. Unique approach

Our approach of event organization is mainly based on client-focusedness, meaning that we understand and meet the uniqueness of the needs of each client. Together with the client we define the goal of the whole event, we offer creative ideas, create unique concepts and help in choosing the venue. WEDO team carefully thinks over every small detail (table setting, decoration, lighting system, animators, costumes etc.). This way we show high standards of events organization.

3. Team and its creativity

WEDO team is a team of professionals passionately devoted to the work. Fantasy concerning the event organization is unlimited. Thus we can implement any idea of the client, no matter how much extravagant and unbelievable it is. The team diligently works over many details: concept, venue, time, logistics, components of the entertainment program, the necessary technical facilities. No doubts the team will do the best to turn the event into an exclusive celebration which will become memorable for all the participants.

4. Price

When developing the project of the celebration, we use an individual approach to each client. In accordance with the agreed event and the relevant execution costs we offer a reasonable price that will undoubtedly suit all parties.

5. Quality of work

The key to the success of the WEDO agency is a detailed preparation of any event or celebration, paying attention to every small detail and taking into account the wishes and requirements of clients. Each stage of events is obligatory agreed with the client. Managers are working on the format of the event, the general concept of the event, entertainment program, providing artists, animators, instruments, lighting and sound system etc. We also prepare the venue, provide logistics and technical support. At the time of the event, our main task is to respond promptly to possible changes in the program, coordinate all services, careful work with the timing of the show program. Such scrupulous approach to work allows to avoid any interruptions in the event performance. The only thing the client should do is just enjoy.

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