• Melana Askerova

How to personalize your wedding: 10 key ideas 💡 ⠀

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

1 "Invite" your family pets to the celebration. They can be involved in the photo shooting of gathering, love-story and even in the ceremony itself! When the rings of the newlyweds are being brought by their dog - it's so cute! 🐕 ⠀ 2 Wedding vows! Prepare audio recordings of the vows in advance and put it on during the ceremony. It will be no less emotional and touching, and guests will have the impression that they hear your thoughts 💫 ⠀ 3 Create your personal cocktail for the bar. The name can be your common surname 🍸 ⠀ 4 Instead of the guest list in the Seating plan, you can use their photos 📸 ⠀ 5 Choose entertainment basing on your interests🎷 ⠀ 6 Together with groom prepare surprises for each other in the form of creative speeches. To hear how your beloved sings your favorite song is priceless!🎤 ⠀ 7 Add to your wedding image details that remind you of the family 👨‍👩‍👧 8 Personalize Seating cards. Cards with the names "mother of the bride" or "father of the groom" sound warmer and cozier. As for friends, you can prepare funny cards with their nicknames or your personal jokes😊 ⠀ 9 Use wedding or family photos of your parents and grandparents in the decoration of the area of wishes🎞

10 Make a box instead of the book for wishes. Let your guests to write you letters addressed to the future and seal them in envelopes that you promise to open only on your fifth or tenth wedding anniversary✨

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