• Melana Askerova

Preparation issues that can't be entrusted to other people 📃

The concept of the wedding 👰🏼🎩 ⠀ Choosing the concept of your wedding is not only one of the key decisions during the preparation process, but also one of the most individual. Everyone has their own ideas about the perfect wedding, and it is likely that the ideas of your parents will be very different from yours. Following the advice of loved ones when choosing a wedding concept is a direct way to create a celebration that everyone will like it except you.🤷🏻‍♀️ ⠀ Firstly, your celebration should reflect your couple, not the tastes of your friends or mom. If you and the groom are big lovers of nature and cozy gatherings around the fire, you will feel uncomfortable at a magnificent wedding in a restaurant. What's the sense of having someone else's dream wedding?🤔 ⠀ Guest list 📜 ⠀ Entrusting the guest list preparation to your parents, you risk seeing a lot of people at the wedding, whom you do not even know! It is unlikely that you and the groom will feel easy on such a celebration. Remember just one simple rule – you should invite to the celebration only those people whom you really want to see.👀 ⠀ Your wedding dress 👗👰🏼 ⠀ ⠀ Very often brides prefer to choose a dress not alone, but in the company of their best friends or mom. But this is not always a good idea: inviting all your friends to the wedding salon, you risk turning shopping into a bridal shower party and not hearing your inner voice behind the numerous tips of advices. And if your mother has a clear idea that the bride must necessarily be in a puffy white dress, which is absolutely not included in your plans, joint searches will not be crowned with success either.🙅🏻‍♀️ ⠀ The honeymoon plans💏 ⠀ This time is just for you two! Therefore, discuss this issue in private and decide what you want, not what your parents or friends wish. Fly to Bali, have a romantic weekend in Paris or even go camping; plan a trip a couple of weeks after the wedding or leave for the airport in wedding dresses immediately after check-in - there are no right or wrong options in the honeymoon question, do what your heart tells you! ♥️

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