• Melana Askerova

The decor of the celebratory dinner: full checklist 🍽

The event consists of hundreds of little things, which are so easy to forget in the process of preparation. Therefore, we have compiled a decor checklist for you - a list of details that make up a beautiful festive dinner. 📋 ⠀ Main decor details 🕯 ⠀ -Seating plan -The number of tables -The Central composition -Candles + candle holders -Newlyweds table decoration: background, floral table decor, decoration of the front side of the table by the cloth, flowers, etc. -Chair decor ⠀ COMFORT 🖼📚 ⠀ -Photo frames -Books -Lanterns -Any berries and fruits -Glasses of tinted glass -Garlands of light bulbs ⠀ ROMANCE 💞 ⠀ -Large number of colors -Gold plated details -Emphasis on table setting -Sweets: cupcakes, macaroons, meringue, cakes -The calligraphy on the Seating cards ⠀ ECO🌿 ⠀ -Potted plant -Garlands of greenery -Fir twigs + cones -Parts made of wood -Stones -Seashells ⠀ SERVING 🍴 ⠀ -Seating card -Menu -Napkin -Glasses -A compliment for a guest

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