• Melana Askerova

Wedding photography: 10 mistakes made by newlyweds 👰🏼🤵🏻

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

1. Keep looking at the camera 👀📸 The most sincere and tender shots are obtained when the couple lovingly look at each other, and not directly into the camera. 📷 ⠀ 2. Holding breath 💨 Try to behave more naturally and do not be afraid to move — so you get a "living" photos, which shows your natural beauty. ✨ ⠀ 3. Playing the role 🎭 In fact, being yourself — the most difficult thing in the process of shooting, and yet the only way to get sincere photos "about you". During the process of shooting try to think less about how you look from the sidelines, and more about how comfortable and natural you feel. 💁🏻‍♀️ ⠀ 4. Hurrying up in the process of shooting 🏃🏻‍♀️ Let it be better for you to shoot one hour and in one location, located near the wedding site, than you spend three hours traveling from one place to another, in a hurry trying to make many photos in a variety of locations. If you really want to shoot at several sites, located far from each other, it is better to choose a separate day for this purpose before or after the wedding. 🙌🏻 ⠀ 5. Don't talk to pros 🤫 Open dialogue with the photographer and videographer is a key aspect of a successful shooting. Therefore, the choice of wedding pros depends mainly on personal factor and a preliminary meeting. 🤝 ⠀ 6. Thinking about what the photos will look like🎇 No doubts — in wedding photography aesthetics and attention to detail play key roles. But, believe us, a professional photoshooting crew will take care of such trifles. If you want to get sincere and "living" photos, thus focus your attention on the groom, and not on the shooting itself. 🤵🏻 ⠀ 7. Hiding your emotions 🙈 Remember that the main decoration of the wedding is not floral arrangements or the original design of the arch, but your sincere smiles and happy sparkles in your eyes! 💫 ⠀ 8. Picking up the wrong shoes for a walk 👠 High heels are not suitable for a photoshoot in the field or in the woods — if you feel unstable, trying to keep your balance, the tension will be very noticeable on the photos. 😬 ⠀

9. Posing unnaturally 🙅🏻‍♀️ Unnatural, "broken" poses as on advertising photoshoots are not suitable for a wedding love-story, the purpose of which is not to demonstrate the decor or clothes, but to tell your story, to show the beauty of your feelings. ❤️ ⠀ 10. Constantly thinking about being photographed 🤔 Many beautiful shots are obtained by accident - just when the couple do not even know that they are photographed, do not think what angle will be advantageous. Of course, during the shooting it is quite difficult to imagine that you and your fiancé are just the two of you, but try to put all doubts and fears out of your head and look into each other's eyes – for a moment the world around you will really cease to exist. Hug, kiss, talk about everything and enjoy every second of the day – and you will not notice how fast the photo shoot flew by, and you have never asked the photographer "How have I to pose and where to look?»💏

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