• Melana Askerova

Why do you need such kind of shooting, and should you arrange a love-story before the wedding?

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

1. You will get acquainted with the photographer! ⠀ The best way to feel comfortable in front of the camera— to take a trial shooting, during which you will find a common language, communicate with the photographer, and on the wedding day you will not feel shy. ⠀ 2. You will get experience of professional shooting! ⠀ It is difficult to feel at ease in front of the camera, if you do not have any experience of shooting. It will take time to find your favorable angles and learn to pose. It often happens so that the bride likes to be photographed, and the groom-no, and you need the practice of shooting together. Let love-story become such kind of practice. ⠀ 3. You will realize your dreams! ⠀ If on the wedding day you cannot bring all your ideas to life, arrange for yourself a love-story of your dream! ⠀ 4. You relieve the wedding day! ⠀ The wedding day is one and only, and you have so many things to do! ⠀ 5. It's a great idea for a date! ⠀ Arrange a brunch or go brunching to your favorite cafe – and invite a photographer to keep all these wonderful moments, which make up your happy life together ⠀ If you think of the photographer to do a love story for you, WE DO recommend for such an occasion !

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